Dehradun is the Capital of Uttarakhand state. The city also wrote as Dehra Doon or Doon valley. The town is located in the foot hills of the Shivaliks ranges. Dehradun is one of the very old locations of Uttaranchal in India. The town is placed at the northern part of the state in India at a distance of 235 kilometer from the capital city, Delhi. It is according to the Hindu mythos that the city was found by a Brahmin teacher Guru Dronacharaya. The site is so popular among the people of India for the best educational institutions. Research institute and Indra Gandhi National Forest Academy is one of them. The city is well connected with the capital of India. The climates of Dehradun attract the visitors throughout the year across the country. The Doon valley located in the middle of the two most known rivers Ganga and Yamuna in India. The city also adds the beautiful sights to view here.

General Information:
Location: The city locates at the northern part of Uttarakhand state at a distance of 235 kilometer from the capital town of India

Rainfall: From the month of June to August the rainfall of the city is 2073.3 mm

Climate: In Summer the max. temperature is 36 degree Celsius and min. 16.7 degree Celsius while during the winter the max. is 23.4 & min. is 5.2 degree Celsius

Best time to visit: The climate remains pleasant during April to August

Places to see in Dehradun
There are many places to see that attracts the sightseers in folks every year in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand state.
Forest Research Institute
The Forest Research institute is placed in the northwest of Dehradun city. The institute was constructed by the British ruler in the centaury of 1906. The major significance of the institute is to conserve the flora and fauna of India. The FRI adds six museums, where tourists visit on holidays.

Malsi Deer Park
The Malsi Deer Park is a great Zoological park in Dehradun. The park is famous for its unequalled picturesqueness. The park is situated in the foot of the Shivaliks. People can view different species of deers like Neelgai, birds, animals and two horn deers. The Malsi Park lies on the way to Mussoorie. The park is almost 10 kilo meter from Dehradun. All the refreshments are available at the Malsi Deer Park. Deers are the major attraction for the sightseers. There is a park particularly for the children who come here during their vacation times.

The actual meaning of the term "Sahastradhara" stands for "Thousand Fold Spring". The water is sulfuric that is why the people of Dehradun use the water as medicine. The water temperature of the spring is low. It is an amazing sight for the visitors; the tourists also take a bathe into the water of the spring. The site is located 14 kilometers away from Dehradun bus stop. Visitors can reach the unique site throughout the year. The luxurious accommodation is available at Sahastradhara. There is no problem to access here because; Dehradun railhead is nearest to the location.

Lakshman Siddh Temple
The sanctitude makes the shrine so popular among the devotees. The temple is known by the name of Lakshman Temple. Lakshman was the younger brother of Lord Rama. During the battle with the demon king Ravana, Lakshman killed his enemy Ravana and did hi reparation here. The temple is a great attraction for the visited people in Dehradun.

Clock Tower
Clock Tower is one of the oldest and big structures of the city. The tower is the proud of the city and since then it maintained the dignity before India's freedom. According to the people of the area who claim that the sound of the bell can be heard from different places around the tower. Nowadays the Tower is disappearing just because of the mega constructions surrounded the tower.

How to Reach Dehradun
There are three convenient mode of transportation to access Dehradun town. Tourists can reach here by rail, air and by luxurious buses also. Jolly Grant is the nearest airways to Dehradun city; it is just 24 kilo meter away from the town. The trains are one of the best modes of transportation to the city. Rail way is well connected with the major cities in India. The town has also well connection by road. Visitors can visit fist to the capital city Delhi, where there are many tourist buses available to Dehradun the capital of Uttarakhand.

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