Fairs & Festivals in Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the most known sacred cities located in the state of Uttaranchal. Haridwar city is a great package of fairs and festivals. This holy place is so popular, not in India only but also across the world for its sanctity. Uncountable tourists and pilgrims approach Haridwar throughout the year. Mainly on the occasion of religious festivals and fairs people move to the holy city Haridwar. The sacred river Ganga flows touches the site in Uttarakhand state. Rishies, Munies, Pundits, children, Sages, men and women take a holy bath in the river Ganges. Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest festivals in Haridwar which happens once after 12 years and Ardha Kumbh Mela after 6 years. The fairs and festivals in Haridwar are organized enthusiastically. Makar Sakranti, Ram Navmi, Baisakhi and Durga Puja festivals are celebrated in Haridwar.

Kumbh Mela
Kumbh Mela is very famous and enthusiastic festival among the people of India. It is a major attraction for the tourists and for the devotees too. Folks of folks visit here to experience the sanctity of the sacred destination. After every 12 years Kumbh Mela occurs in Haridwar. Mythologically it is said that during the battle between Demons and Lords to get nector (amrit) to become immortal a few drops of it fell on the earth at four sites, Haridwar is one of them and the rest are Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain.

Dipawali is the festival of lights. On the eve of Dipawali the whole city of Haridwar looks like a sparkling lamp. On this particular day the locals of the Haridwar and the pilgrims too light up different types of lamps, clay lights and diyas etc. The site is decorated with the unseen and elegant lights. The Ghats in Haridwar gets filled with thousands of followers.

According to the Hindu mythos Holi is one of the significant festivals in India. The fest of Holi is known as Festival of colors happens during the spring time. On the eve of Holi every one enjoy with different kinds of powdered and water colors.

Ganga Dasehra
Ganga Dasehra occurs on the 10th day according to the Hindu month Jayestha. The Hindus performs this festival in the form of worship to the Mother Ganges. As the Hindus believe that the sacred river Ganga descended on the same day on earth. It is also believe by the Hindu followers that the water of Ganges works as medicine. The Hindus gives the water drops who do not feel physically well.

Kartik Poornima
The Hindu month Kartik brings this fest of Kartik Poornima. The Hindus conceived that this month is the most sacred of all month in Hindu colander. The celebration of Kartik Poornima is celebrated when it is full Moon in the sky and the sun is Krittika. On this particular day also like Dipawali lamps are lighted up and floated in the holy river Ganga. Despite of these festivals there are many other festivals are celebrated in Haridwar.

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