Popular Eating out in Haridwar

The city of Haridwar is also very popular for different types of delicious and tempting food. There are many hotels and restaurants that offer variety of food. The very important thing to remember in Haridwar is that any type of alcoholic drink, dishes or non-vegetarian is hardly prohibited. Being a sacred place the Haridwar city does not allow any bad activity or making the place impure causing by alcohol. Bengali, Garhwal and South Indian foods are some that is liked here richly. There are several popular eating out restaurants in Haridwar. Some popular eating out restaurants are as follow.

Hotel Ginger
Hotel Ginger is one of the very popular places in Haridwar for a good eating out. This hotel provides to the guests self services. The hotel serves vegetarian dishes for pilgrims and tourists. The whole city of Haridwar is total vegetarian and the hotels and restaurants are also deals with vegetarian foods. No alcoholic foods are available in Haridwar because of being the most revered site in Uttarakhand. The hotel has changeable buffet system. You have variety of meals every time. Neatness is every where in kitchen, guest room etc.

Siwalik Restaurant
This restaurant located just a few steps after the Chotiwala Restaurants. The Siwalik restaurants serve very tempting dishes of South Indian and Gujrati foods. The visited people have varieties of foods.

Hotel Mansarover International
The Mansarover hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Haridwar. Visitors find variations in foods here. The Mansarover hotel serves high qualitative foods to the travelers. But in comparison of other hotels and restaurants in Haridwar the Mansarover hotel is costly. The services that provided by the hotel dose not make any sense of cost.

Chotiwala, Restaurant Subhash Ghat
Haridwar is the door way to the Gods that the reason is the entire city is strictly vegetarian. The Chotiwala restaurant avails non alcoholic vegetarian foods for the visitors. This Chotiwala restaurant is downwards to the Subhash Ghat and the other one is on the upper road. The restaurant serves you veg Chinies dishes also.

Ahaar Restaurant
The Ahaar restaurant is very popular in Haridwar for its Chinies, Punjabi and for its delicate appearance of foods. The residents of Haridwar and tourists visit this restaurant very much. The restaurant is arranged by vegetarian variations.

Bridge Mathura Walla
Bridge Mathura Walla is also a well known vegetarian restaurant in Haridwar town. The visitors find the real vegetarian taste here. The restaurant is located in the Bara Bazaar location of Haridwar city. The bridge restaurant is also popular for mouth-watering sweets.

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