Shopping in Haridwar

Haridwar also offers wonderful shopping opportunities for travellers. Though most of the shopping items that you find here are associated with religion and spirituality, the pilgrimage centre also has in store a wonderful range of art and craft items. Before, you say good bye to the holy town, you can stuff your bags with well crafted souvenirs to carry back home. Besides pooja items and idols, you will have the opportunity to buy items like beaded accessories, wood carvings, stone carvings and a variety of jewellery items. But, where do you need to go for this shopping spree in Haridwar? Let's have a look.

However shops in Haridwar have many interesting things to offer to the tourist. The main shopping centers are Moti bazaar, Upper Road, Jwalapur and Kankhal. You can also check out the Government Handloom and Handicrafts Emporiums and the Gandhi Ashram. Here you will find a range of handicraft decorative pieces. If you are interested in jewellery, then you can choose from a variety of imitation ones which make good fashion accessory.

Moti Bazar
This series of shops stands on the Upper Road. Most of the stalls located here sell relgious items include pooja samagri and other related commodities. In addition, these shops also have on display items including copper and brass utensils, sweets, glass bangles, cane baskets, pickles and a range of Ayurveda products.

A variety of souvenirs are on sale at the shops in Jwalapur. After you have picked up some of the most wonderful souvenirs from the market, you can tickle your taste buds at restaurants (vegetarian) and sweetmeat shops.

Bara Bazar
In the market at Bara Bazar in Haridwar, you can choose to buy both religious as well as decorative items. Standing on the Railway Road, the market attracts pilgrims and tourists from far and wide. Rudraksha seeds (be ware of the fake ones), churan (digestive powders) and a wide range of sweets made from milk are sold at the shops in Bara Bazar. Ayurvedic medicines make for a popular buy in the market.

Kankhal Bazar
Positioned at 3 km from Haridwar, the town of Kankhal is also a popular shopping centre to buy a variety of religious commodities and accessories. Rudraksha and idols of Hindu gods and goddesses are the main attraction of the shopping market in Kankhal. A number of ashrams and temples are also located at Kankhal.

State Government Emporiums
If you don't like to bargain over the price of commodities, you can visit the handicraft emporiums run by the state government. There are both handloom shops as well as those selling an exquisite range of handicrafts. Items of jewellery, precious and semi precious stones, religious CDs and DVDs, rosaries, gem stones and and yoga books are all available at these shops for extremely affordable price.

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